Logbond PU is one-component sealant, which based on silane modified polyurethane resin as main component. No corrosion and pollution to base materials and environment-friendly. Pricking resistance, easy for repairing. Good bonding with cement and wood.

Product Features
● Non formaldehyde, dissociate TDI and solvent.
● No noise for fixing, no damage to the floor.
● One-component, excellent extrusion, non-sag, easy construction.
● Good elasticity and sound insulation..

Areas of application
   Suitable for fixing with parquet flooring, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. Suitable for bonding with facing board and cardboard in room.
สีAppearanceBeige homogenous paste
ระยะเวลาที่ผิวเริ่มแห้งTack free time② min - GB/T 13477.540, approx.
การไหลย้อยViscosity mPa ·s - GB/T 2794300000, approx.
ความแข็งShore A-hardness - GB/T 531.150, approx.
ค่าแรงดึงTensile strength MPa - GB/T 5282.0, approx.
การยืดตัวสูงสุดElongation at break % - GB/T 528450, approx.
อุณหภูมิในการติดตั้งApplication temperature oC-40~90
  Direction for use
          ● Remove dust, oil and water from the surface of substrate s.
          ● Tack free time and curing speed of polyurethane sealant influenced by environment temperature and humidity. Construction environment temperature 5~35 ํC , humidity 50~70%RH.
          ● For Construction method, please refer to Logbond PU construction description or consult technical personnel.

          ● Keep away from children.
          ● Avoid contacting with skin and eye. For skin contacted, remove the sealant by cloth, wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. For eye contacted, hold eyelids apart and flush thoroughly with water, contact physician.

  Packing specification
          ● Pail 20kg
          ● Sausage 600ml

  Transport and storage
          ● Transport: Keep away the sealed product from moisture, the sun, high temperature and avoid collisions.
          ● Storage: Keep sealed into cool, dry place.
          ● Storage temperature: 5~25 ํC. Humidity: ≤50%RH.
          ● Shelf life: 9 month.
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